1991-2020 30 Year Average Climate Normals
Albany, NY

The 1991-2020 30 Year Climate Normals Went into Service in May 2021
The Normal Mean Annual Temperature at Albany in the 1991-2020 data set is 49.4°

1991-2020 Annual Climate Normals Compared to the 1981-2010 dataset at Albany, NY 

1991-2020 30 year climate normals show warming from the previous 1981-2010 normals in every month at Albany 

Precipitation departure at Albany between the 1991-2020 and 1981-2010 30 year climate normal datasets 

1991-2020 Monthly average snowfall normals at Albany

1981-2010 Monthly average snowfall normals at Albany  

Normals temperature departure by season at Albany 

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