Saturday May 2, 1992
Severe T'Storm and Tornado Report

A fast moving storm tracked from the Great Lakes through the St. Lawrence valley producing a widespread outbreak of severe t'storms and tornadoes across eastern New York and western New England due to a favorable combination of heat (low 80 degree high temperatures) humidity and wind shear in the atmosphere coupled with cold air aloft. There were many reports of hail with damaging wind as well as three confirmed tornadoes.

NWS Storm Summary Results

Tornado #1: Middleburgh - Schoharie County 5:05 - 5:10pm
Path Length: 6 Miles
Path Width: 50 to 75 yards
Intensity: F0 to F1

The tornado began at 5:05pm along Bixby Road, crossing Kelsey Road and ending in Middleburgh at 5:10pm. Numerous trees were uprooted along the tornado path with a garage destroyed and the roofs of two three story buildings blown off.

A downburst also occurred in Middleburgh at 5:10pm with hundreds of downed trees in a gully along Huntersland Hill Road in Middleburgh.

Tornado #2: Berlin - Rensselaer County 5:25pm
Path Length: 2 miles
Path Width: 100 yards
Intensity: F1

Summary: The tornado began one mile WNW of Center Berlin cemetery and ended just SE of Green Brook Hollow Rd. Hundreds of trees were leveled or uprooted with roofs blown off several barns

Tornado #3: Berlin - Rensselaer County 5:25pm
Path Length: 1/2 mile
Path Width: 20 yards
Intensity: F1

Summary: The tornado began just south of Browns Hollow Rd along the west side of Route 22 and ended just east of the Cherry Plain High School. A garage was lifted and tossed over the road with a mobil home blown off its foundation along with trees sheared off.

T'Storm Wind Damage: Valatie (Niverville) - Columbia County 5:53pm
T'Storm wind gusts up to 100 mph from a downburst at the Dieckelman's Home Center along Route 9. A large pallet of lumber was lifted through the air along with a 12'x28' shed which was strewn across the road

T'Storm Wind Damage: Richmond, MA- Berkshire County 5:45pm
A severe thunderstorm downburst downed hundreds of trees along a 5000' foot long by 1/2 mile wide swath from Lassiter Road across Contrail tracks to Lenox Road.