Severe Weather Event
Brief EF-1 Tornado in Broadalbin, Fulton County
Pockets of Damaging Wind and Large Hail
Heavy Rain - Localized Urban and Poor Drainage Flooding

Widespread downpours and thunderstorms erupted across the region through the early to mid afternoon and continued into the evening on Friday June 30, 2017 (coming in two waves) in response to a moderately unstable air mass characterized by temperatures in the low to mid 80s, dewpoints in the upper 60s to around 70° and moderately strong wind shear. Significant turning of the wind with height was evident on the local upper air soundings with a strongly backed wind across eastern New York into the south-southeast with a turning of the wind into the SW and WSW with height. This directional shear aided in storm organization with several briefly weakly rotating updrafts developing in a few of the stronger cells across the region. CAPE (Convective available potential energy) values generally ranged up to 1500 j/kg indicating sufficient energy for storm formation and development. Lapse rates, however (the amount of cooling with height) were not particularly strong which is likely what limited the number of damaging storms across the region when compared to the total number of storms which occurred. The trigger for the event was a weak mid level disturbance which tracked across the state.

The first and more intense round of storms moved from west to east across the region between roughly 2pm and 6pm, with a second line of downpours and a thunderstorms (less intense) moving from west to east across the region between roughly 5pm and 8:30pm. (One strongly rotating storm in Delaware County during the late afternoon was tornado warned with the circulation ultimately tracking along the Greene-Ulster County line between 7 and 7:30pm and weakening.)

Torrential rain (due largely to the tropical air mass in place) occurred with spots, especially in the Mohawk valley to Saratoga and portions of Rensselaer county, that were hit with multiple storms coming in with 1.5" to 2.00" of rain on average. Brief urban and poor drainage flooding occurred during the periods of heaviest rainfall.

Instant Doppler 6 Image around 2:45pm Friday June 30, 2017: Strong thunderstorms producing heavy rain aligned west of the Hudson valley
Instant Doppler 6 image at roughly 2:45pm Friday June 30, 2017 - Clusters of strong thunderstorms aligned to the west of the Hudson valley

Brief 90 mph (EF-1) tornado in Broadalbin at 3:49pm: At 3:49pm in Broadalbin a rotating updraft went on to produce a brief tornado touchdown on County Route 107. The radar images below show both the reflectivity (precipitation) where a hook echo shaped feature was evident between the Broadalbin and Perth city labels on the map. This was the area of rotation and where the tornado touched down. The second radar image is the Storm Relative Velocity image indicating a rotational couplet.

Albany Doppler radar reflectivity image at 3:50pm at about the time of the brief tornado in Broadalbin 

Albany Doppler Radar Storm Relative Velocity: 3:49pm June 30, 2017. Red colors in this image indicate particles moving away from the Albany Doppler Radar (located in Berne, Albany county) Green colors indicating particles moving toward the radar. The rotational couplet on this image was located between the Broadalbin and Perth city labels on this map at the time and marks the area where the brief tornado touched down.

Albany NWS storm relative velocity, 3:49pm June 30, 2017 


RATING: EF-1: 90 mph winds

LOCATION: Broadalbin (Along County Route 107)


PATH WIDTH: 50 Yards


A pole barn was destroyed along with a carport which was lofted into tree in the next yard over. Several trees were snapped and garage door blown in

Instant Doppler 6 Image around 4:40pm Friday June 30, 2017: Locally strong and severe thunderstorms lined up in the Hudson valley with wind damage occurring in Columbia County in and around New Lebanon. The storm went on to produce pockets of wind damage in the Berkshires as they moved east.
Instant Doppler 6 image at roughly 2:45pm Friday June 30, 2017 - Strong and severe thunderstorms in the Hudson valley

WeatherNet 6 rainfall reports for Friday June 30, 2017
(Note: Reports with a time notation are not totals, but amounts through the listed time. All other reports are totals)

Rainfall Report
Rainfall Report
Savoy, MA Berkshire 1.30" Pittsfield, MA Berkshire 0.50" (5pm)
Colonie Albany 0.41" South Berne Albany 1.00"
Glenmont Albany 0.75" Westmere Albany 0.36" (6pm)
Livingston Columbia 0.26" (5pm) Ancramdale Columbia 0.72"
Taghkanic Columbia 0.96"      
Arkville Delaware 1.62" Roxbury Delaware 0.79"
Red Hook Dutchess 1.51"      
Fish House Fulton 1.79" Broadalbin Fulton 1.85"
Cairo Greene 0.25" (5:30pm) Catskill Greene 0.61" (5pm)
Greenville Greene 0.53"      
Wells Hamilton 0.55" (5:30pm) Indian Lake Hamilton 1.20" (6am Sat.)
Amsterdam Montgomery 1.65" to 1.85" Fonda Montgomery 1.68"
Palatine Bridge Montgomery 0.67" (8pm) Hessville Montgomery 1.08"
Oneonta Otsego 1.00" Decatur Otsego 0.70"
Speigletown Rensselaer 2.10"      
Saratoga Springs Saratoga 0.97" Charlton Saratoga 2.00"
Malta Saratoga 1.46" Milton Saratoga 1.08"
Lake Desolation Saratoga 1.30" (5pm) Clifton Park Saratoga 1.65"
Rotterdam Schenectady 0.76"      
Charlotteville Schoharie 1.30" (7pm) Richmondville Schoharie 1.20" (6:30pm)
Jefferson Schoharie 1.00" (5pm)      
Ulster Park Ulster 0.41" Saugerties Ulster 1.00"
Phoenicia Ulster 1.10" Whiteport Ulster 0.63" (5:30pm)
West Shokan Ulster 0.61"      
Warrensburg Warren 0.45" (5pm) Lake Luzerne Warren 0.62"
Landgrove, VT Bennington 0.30" Manchester, VT Bennington 0.41" (6pm)
Woodford, VT Bennington 0.57" Danby, VT Rutland 0.23" (6pm)
West Rutland, VT Rutland 0.45" (5pm)      

NWS Storm Reports for Friday June 30, 2017. Note, these reports are used to verify the NWS warnings which were issued for this event and therefore do not necessarily represent an accounting for all of the wind damage or flooding which may have occurred.

Town County Severe Weather Report Time
West Bush Fulton Wind: Trees and wires blown down at West Bush Road and Route 122 3:42pm
Gloversville Fulton Wind: Trees and wires blown down on Easterly Street, Elmwood Avenue and Dean Street Extension 3:42pm
Gloversville Fulton Wind: Tree limb down on East 11th Avenue 3:42pm
Broadalbin Fulton EF-1 Tornado: Brief tornado touchdown on County Route 107, no injuries, pole barn destroyed, carport destroyed and lofted into a tree in the next yard, multiple trees snapped, garage door blown in, peak winds estimated at 90 mph 3:49pm
Near Halls Corner Saratoga Hail: 1.75" diameter hail (golf ball sized) 4:00pm
1 Mile ESE of Surprise Greene Wind: Route 81 closed between Lo See Road and Eagle Nest Rd. due to downed wires (Greenville 4:09pm
1 Mile NE of West Lebanon Rensselaer Wind: Tree and power lines blown down 4:40pm
Schodack Rensselaer Wind: 4 Injured when a fireworks display tent collapsed at the Pilot Truck stop on Route 9 4:28pm
1 Mile WSW of Brainard Rensselaer Wind: Route 20 closed between Bliss School House Road and Route 66. Trees and wires blown down in Nassau 4:32 pm (est.)
Lebanon Springs Columbia Wind: Tree down blocking highway 20 4:40pm
West Lebanon Columbia Wind: Tree blown down on power lines on Winslow Road 4:46pm
Barton Corners Columbia Wind: Tree blown down on County Route 8a 4:49pm
1 Mile ENE of Pittsfield, MA Berkshire Wind: Tree down blocking the road at Cherry and Willow 4:51pm
Housatonic, MA Berkshire Wind: Tree blown blocking a part of North Palin Road near North Plain Farm 4:52pm
Glendale, MA Berkshire Wind: Tree blown down 4:57pm
Florida, MA Berkshire Wind: Tree blown down blocking Route 2 5:14pm
1 Mile NNE of Norwich Corners Herkimer Wind: Extensive damage to horse barn on Graffenburg Rd. at the intersection of Mallory Rd. 5:28pm (est.)


Storm Reports for Friday June 30, 2017 

Photograph by WeatherNet 6 Spotter Sam Cherubin - Just east of Saratoga Lake, Saratoga County - Cloud lowering (wall cloud) with a weakly rotating thunderstorm Friday June 30, 2017

Instant Doppler 6 image at roughly 2:45pm Friday June 30, 2017 - Clusters of strong thunderstorms aligned to the west of the Hudson valley