Wednesday July 7, 2021
Severe T'Storm Event - Coxsackie to Stuyvesant 70-90 mph Microburst

Tree damage in Coxsackie, Greene County where the mayor of the village reported as many as 100 large trees, like the one shown here, being blown down. Some homes sustained damage to roofs, siding, and chimneys as a result of estimated 70-90 mph straight line microburst winds shortly after 3:00pm on Wednesday July 7, 2021. Significant tree damage extended along a 2 mile by 1/2 mile wide path into Stuyvesant in Columbia County through 3:10pm according to the Albany NWS storm survey report. - Photograph provided by Lance Wheeler.

Tree Damage in Coxsackie - Greene County 

Albany National Weather Service Storm Damage Survey Report

NWS Albany Storm Damage Survey Report 

This was the second consecutive day with severe weather in the local area with the environment in advance of the storms characterized by hot, humid, and highly unstable air with surface based CAPE (convective available potential energy) up to 3000 j/kg in the Catskills, mid Hudson valley to Berkshire and Litchfield counties in western New England. Temperatures from the Hudson valley and Capital Region on south climbed into the mid 80s to around 90° with dewpoints ranging from the upper 60s to lower 70s. Winds aloft were not particularly strong, however, but a belt of 30-40 knot winds did exist in the lowest 10,000 feet of the atmosphere with lighter flow aloft. Shear was unidirectional and low level lapse rates quite steep with downdraft CAPE elevated, all signaling the main severe weather threat from any thunderstorms would be damaging straight line downburst winds in an environment favoring severe multi-cell thunderstorms.

At the surface, a stationary front was draped just north of the Mohawk valley, cutting south of Glens Falls into northern Bennington County in Vermont. Temperatures were much lower north of the boundary with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and dewpoints ranging from the upper 50s to lower 60s with subsequently no instability to support storms in this part of the region. A zone of cloudiness accompanied the boundary with the southern fringe of the cloudier skies extending into the Mohawk valley and the northern part of the Capital Region. Thunderstorms ultimately appeared to trigger on the differential heating zone firing off initially in Otsego and Schoharie counties early in the afternoon just south of the cloud line where sufficient convergence was generated to initiate development.

The first storm of the day over northern Otsego County rapidly intensified and began producing downburst wind damage into Schoharie County by 1:45pm. The cell then tracked into Albany County with reports of wind damage and strong base velocity indications on Doppler radar of a long track damaging wind potential. The multi-cell storm then moved/propagated through southeast Albany, northeast Greene and northwest Columbia counties through 3:15pm producing the significant straight line wind damage in Coxsackie and Stuyvesant between 3:00 and 3:10pm. Ultimately the storm, as it moved into southern Columbia County, merged with cells developing over that area to form a new storm that produced wind damage in southern Berkshire County while dumping a reported 1.68" of rain in Great Barrington, MA in less than hour resulting in street flooding.

The graphic below highlights the path (the red shaded zone) of this long track damaging multi-cell thunderstorm. Damage reports marked on the graphic outside of the red shaded zone resulted from other isolated severe t'storms that occurred either simultaneously or after the main storm into the early evening.

Local storm reports highlighting the path of the most prominent severe storm of the day on July 7, 2021

The following series of radar images show the storm at various points along its path through a combination of base reflectivity and base velocity images.

Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image - 2:07pm July 7, 2021
The storm was developing at this time and was severe causing wind damage in Middleburgh

Albany Doppler Radar Image: Roughly 2pm, July 7 2021

Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image - 2:51pm July 7, 2021
The storm remained spatially small at this time, but intense with damaging wind going into Coeymans

Albany Doppler Radar Image: 2:51pm July 7, 2021

 Albany Doppler Radar Base Velocity Image - 2:47pm July 7, 2021
The radar sampled 60-65 mph winds just above the ground within the zone of bright red at this time

 Albany Doppler Radar Base Velocity Image: 2:47pm July 7, 2021

 Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image - 3:14pm July 7, 2021
The storm expanded in size elongating into Stuyvesant and Coxsackie after moving out of Albany County
Damaging wind was in progress along the leading edge of the newer cells with strong winds moving toward Stockport

Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image: 3:14pm July 7, 2021 

Albany Doppler Radar Base Velocity Image - 3:10pm July 7, 2021

The radar sampled 50-55 mph winds just above the ground within the zone of bright red with the wind accelerated as the downdraft collapsed causing 70-90 mph micorburst winds that hit Coxsackie and Stuyvesant.

Albany Doppler Radar Base Velocity Image: 3:10pm July 7, 2021 

 Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image - 3:55pm July 7, 2021
What the newly formed storm looked like over southern Berkshire County after the storm mergers
Torrential rain and damaging wind were in progress at this time

Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image: 3:14pm July 7, 2021 

An MCS (mesoscale convective system) or in other words, organized complex of thunderstorms, followed the scattered severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening. The complex tracked rapidly northeast up through Pennsylvania into the Catskills after 10:30pm and then into and through the Capital Region and western New England through 2:00am on the 8th. Significant wind damage occurred with that complex of storms in northeast PA and and in around the Binghamton area in what was still a warm, humid, and unstable air mass. Locally, however, the front that had been stalled across the north country had moved through much of the region during the evening shifting the wind to northerly and dropping the temperatures, dewpoints and instability in all but the western Catskills and mid Hudson valley. As the MCS hit the more stable air locally, it weakened with little severe weather occuring with the excpetion of a few localized wind damage reports in Delaware, Schoarie, Ulster, and Northwest Dutchess counties between 11:00pm on the 7th and 12:30am on the 8th. Heavy rain and frequent lightning, however, did occur across much of the region between 11pm and 2am as the complex went through.

Albany Doppler Radar Base Reflectivity Image: 1:00am July 8, 2021 

NWS Storm Reports for Wednesday into Thursday July 7-8, 2021. Note, these reports are used to verify the NWS warnings which were issued for this event and therefore do not necessarily represent an accounting for all of the wind damage which may have occurred.

Town County Severe Weather Report Time
Richmondville Schoharie Wind Damage: Trees blown down 1:45pm
Breakabeen Schoharie Wind Damage: Tree snapped and large branches down with siding damage near Route 30 at Carriage House Lane and Pleasant Valley Road 2:04pm
Middleburgh Schoharie Wind Damage: A few trees and branches blown down along Hard Scrabble Road 2:04-2:10pm
Coeymans Hollow Albany Wind Damage: Multiple trees blown down, Route 143 was closed between Blodgett Hill Road and Gedney Hill Road due to downed trees and wires 2:50pm
Coxsackie to Stuyvesant Greene-Columbia Major Wind Damage: 70-90 mph microburst confirmed by NWS damage survey with significant damage to trees, some falling on buildings with roof, siding and chimney damage, in the village of Coxsackie and along Route 9J between Sharptown Road and County Route 46 - as many as 100 large trees blown down within Coxsackie 3:00-3:10pm
Stottville Columbia Wind Damage: Route 9J closed between Day Road and route 26A near Stockport due to downed trees 3:17pm
North Greenbush Rensselaer Wind Damage: Trees down on wires and one tree down on an unoccupied car on South Waldron Road 3:29pm
Lanesborough, MA Berkshire Wind Damage: A tree blown down on North Main Street 3:32pm
South Egremont, MA Berkshire Wind Damage: Tree downed onto wires on Baldwin Hill Road south at Townhouse Hill Road 4:03pm
Monterey, MA Berkshire Wind Damage: Tree down leaning on wires on New Marlborough Hill Road 4:15pm
Davenport Center Delaware Wind Damage: Trees and wires blown down 5:30pm
Ancram Columbia Wind Damage: Tree and wires down on County Route 7 between Westfall Road and Tims Road 5:33pm
Otsego Otsego Wind Damage: Trees and wires blown down 5:38pm
Kortright Delaware Wind Damage: Trees and wires blown down 5:45pm
Oneonta Otsego Hail: 1" diameter 5:50pm
Winsted, CT Litchfield Wind Damage: Wires blown down 5:48pm
Clarksville Albany Wind Damage: Several trees were downed blocking Lawson Lake Road 6:51pm
Wingdale Dutchess Wind Damage: Trees blown down on route 29 8:58pm
Corbett Delaware Wind Damage: Trees blown down, localized flooding 11:00pm
Downsville Delaware Wind Damage: Trees blown down on wires 11:05pm
Kerhonkson Ulster Wind Damage: A tree was downed in the Roadway on Foordmoore Road near Routes 44 and 55 11:58pm
Lomontville Ulster Wind Damage: Tree down on Wires on Route 209 11:58pm
Stone Ridge Ulster Wind Damage: Tree down on wires on Pine Bush Road near Stilba Lane 12:02am/8th
Lomontville Ulster Wind Damage: Tree down on wires on Atwood Road near Vly Atwood Road 12:02am/8th
Hurley Ulster Wind Damage: A tree was blown down onto a house on Creek Locks Road 12:12am/8th
Staatsburg Dutchess Wind Damage: A tree was downed on Route 9G between Hyde Park and Rhinebeck 12:20am/8th

Storm Reports: Wednesday July 7, 2021

Storm Prediction Center Storm Reports For July 7, 2021